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Teeth Grinding Lesson from Your Lisle Dentist

March 21, 2016

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teeth grindingThe sound has often been compared to nails on a chalkboard. But that’s not even the worst of teeth grinding—the effects of teeth grinding can be devastating to your smile and your bite. Did you know that people who chronically grind their teeth could actually wear those teeth down to mere stubs? Although teeth grinding—also called bruxism—is not usually curable, Lisle dentist Dr. Frank Marchese and his daughter Dr. Jeanelle Marchese can help cushion the effects with a custom-fitted nightguard or splint.

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

For most people, teeth grinding is a response to stress. In fact, studies show that some 70 percent of people develop bruxism as a response to stress. People develop nervous, repetitive habits during times of stress in order to relieve tension. Some people bite their nails, while others grind their teeth.

Of course, everyone has stress in life, and many doctors believe that bruxism may be part of the natural fight-or-flight mechanism that has been handed down to us from generations ago. So, while anyone may occasionally grind or clench their teeth in response to stress, problems may arise when the habit becomes chronic and lasts for years.

What are the Symptoms of Teeth Grinding?

Other than that disturbing sound that someone will certainly tell you about if your grind your teeth, there are signs that your Lisle dentist looks for, including:

  • Worn out tooth enamel
  • Dull or flattened teeth
  • Indentations along the edge of your tongue
  • Sores on the inside of your cheeks
  • Tooth pain
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Jaw pain
  • An earache

In addition, bruxism can be a contributing factor to TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction, which has side effects that include pain when you open or close your mouth, as well as head, neck and shoulder pain.

Treating Teeth Grinding in Lisle

Because most people grind their teeth at night and are blissfully unaware, stopping the habit can be very difficult. Therefore, if Drs. Marchese determine you do grind and clench your teeth, then they can prescribe a custom orthotic called a nightguard or splint for your to wear at night. This appliance keeps your upper and lower teeth from meeting, thereby reducing the pressure and the consequential side effects of bruxism. For some people, just wearing a nightguard eliminates the problem.

Call Your Lisle Dentist Today

If you hear someone grinding their teeth at night, or if you are experiencing symptoms, contact Arbor Dental Care in Lisle, IL. We’ll be glad to help.


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