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Why Does My Family Dentist in Lisle Need X-Rays?

August 10, 2017

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woman viewing dental x-rayWhen you visit your family dentist in Lisle for a cleaning and checkup, you will probably have x-rays taken during the appointment. Although a visual examination is important when monitoring your dental health, it only provides half of the picture your dentist needs. X-rays offer a full insight into your oral health to detect potential problems that are brewing below the surface of the teeth and gums. These detailed images allow your dentist to monitor and diagnosis issues while creating accurate and precise treatments to keep your smile healthy.

Get a Full Picture into Your Dental Health

Now, advancements in technology have enhanced the level of care you receive due to digital x-rays. When compared to traditional ones, they use far less radiation while producing highly detailed images. By studying the pictures, your dentist can provide more accurate and precise services that are catered to your individual needs. Depending on the type of x-ray used, he will be able to spot a wide range of complications while they are still small.

Bitewing: These are routinely performed at preventive appointments for children and adults because they allow your dentist to easily check for tooth decay. In addition, it shows how the upper and lower teeth align, while also providing early detection of bone loss, gum disease, or an infection.

Periapical: The entire tooth can be viewed with this x-ray, even areas that are not visible to the naked eye. This allows your dentist to see how the bones support the teeth to look for issues below the gum line, such as impactions, abscesses, cysts, or tumors. They are often used to monitor the jawbone for any changes.

Occlusal: Often, these are used for children because they allow the dentist to see teeth that have yet to erupt. They can also be used to find additional teeth that may be impacted while also looking for jaw fractures, cleft palate, cysts, abscesses, or unusual growths.

Panoramic: For a broad view of the jaw, teeth, nasal area, temporomandibular joint, and teeth, a panoramic x-ray is taken. These show a wide range of issues that could be occurring below the surface, such as fractures, infections, bone abnormalities, or impacted teeth.

Protect Your Dental Health

How often an x-ray is performed will vary depending on several factors, such as your age and if you have any preexisting issues, like gum disease. By viewing the images, your dentist in Lisle can find problems while they are still small to provide the appropriate intervention so they do not worsen. It allows for a precise treatment plan to be created to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy to last for a lifetime.

About Arbor Dental Care

At Arbor Dental Care, we embrace advanced dental technologies to provide a superior level of care. With the use of x-rays, we can handle even the most complex issues while also fostering the health and development of the teeth. If you need a checkup, contact our office to learn more about the use of x-rays during your appointment.


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