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Your Family Dentist in Lisle Says Don’t Ignore Dental Emergencies

March 20, 2019

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There’s not much worse that can happen than to have a dental emergency while you’re enjoying a beautiful spring day. Unfortunately, though, one can occur without notice. Your family dentist in Lisle says when you discover you’ve suffered any form of dental trauma (which includes your jaw), it’s important to seek professional care. Read on to find out why.

What is a Dental Emergency?

The first step to recovering from a dental emergency is to know that you’ve had one. If you’re experiencing intense bleeding, acute jaw or tooth pain, or you have a broken or dislodged tooth, you have a dental emergency on your hands.

No matter what your specific issue is, though, you should take these steps first:

  • Take a deep breath and attempt to calm your nerves.
  • Then, carefully assess the situation so you’ll have a better idea of what has happened.
  • Reach out to your emergency dentist to explain the situation so you can receive the treatment you need.

Why Dental Emergencies Shouldn’t be Ignored

Even if it seems that an injury to your mouth or jaw has improved, it’s never a good idea to ignore any form of trauma. Just as a person can experience the effects of an auto accident months later, an untreated dental emergency can allow problems to go undetected until they develop into a bigger issue.

The following explains the challenges that can arise from not treating certain types of dental emergencies:

  • Toothache – While severe tooth pain is uncomfortable, it’s the body’s way of protecting you from an even worse infection. So at the first notice of acute discomfort, you should contact your emergency dentist to prevent any further issues.
  • Broken Tooth – An untreated tooth break can eventually leave the more sensitive parts exposed to infection as the remaining material breaks down. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to seek immediate treatment.
  • Knocked Out Tooth – There is a small window of opportunity to have a tooth successfully re-inserted after it’s knocked out. So for the best chance of recovery, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact your emergency dentist.
  • Soft Tissue Laceration – For a cut that bleeds for 10 minutes or longer, ignoring the symptoms could be life-threatening. Thus, you should contact your dentist and head directly to the emergency room.

Paying Special Attention to Children’s Dental Emergencies

While it’s important to seek treatment for a dental emergency no matter what demographic you belong to, it’s even more critical for children to receive care. Otherwise, there is a risk of problems like tooth malformations, dangerous infections or the need for surgery in the future.

So if you or any of your family members has a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Lisle dentist to schedule a visit to receive the care you need.

About the Author

Dr. Frank Marchese has been providing expert care to the Lisle area for the past 30 years. Still, the University of Illinois College of Dentistry graduate remains committed to staying abreast of the latest changes in the dental field. Thus, Dr. Marchese has taken over 1,500 hours of advanced postgraduate training. He treats dental emergencies at Arbor Dental Care, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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