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Foods to Avoid after Teeth Whitening in Lisle

October 24, 2016

Teeth whitening at Arbor Dental Care in Lisle improves enamel color. What foods should you avoid to keep your smile bright?

You have just had your teeth whitened at Arbor Dental Care. Lisle dentist, Dr. Frank Marchese, is happy with the results and so are you. However, he gently warns you that all whitened teeth need sensible after care. Learn what you need to do and what foods you must avoid to keep that beautiful smile shining.

You Whitened Your Teeth

Yes, you had become tired of the dull, yellowed look your tooth enamel had acquired over the years. Your teeth are quite healthy, free of decay, and gum disease is not an issue either. When you told your hygienist at Arbor Dental Care in Lisle about your stained smile, she recommended professional teeth whitening.

Dr. Marchese agreed, and you had the in-office whitening procedure. It’s amazing how the hydrogen peroxide gel has brightened your tooth color so dramatically–about 8 shades, the dentist estimates.

Amazingly, it took just about an hour. The dentist put a protective dam in your mouth to keep gums and lips from getting sensitive. His assistant swabbed on the bleaching gel, and you just relaxed in the chair, read a book and let the whitening agent do its work. At the end, the gel was rinsed off, and you just love your new smile.

How to Keep a Whitened Smile White

There are many factors which contribute to enamel staining. A big one is age. Another is some pharmaceuticals such as tetracycline. Smoking really discolors teeth, too.

What may surprise you is that among the biggest culprits are food and beverages. Yes, what we put in our mouths discolors our smiles. So, if you have spent some dollars on professional whitening, either in the office or at-home, how can you protect your investment.? After all, you have to eat! What foods will cause stains on that renewed smile?

Not to worry–really, it’s a matter of common sense. Some foods and beverages are richly pigmented. Red wine, colas, root beer, sports drinks, dark chocolate, blueberries, soy sauce, and carrots–they’re all fine in moderation, but overindulge, and you’ve got stained teeth.

So, here’s are some suggestions:

  1. Limit staining foods and drinks, particularly during the first few days after getting professional teeth whitening at Arbor Dental Care or finishing an at-home regimen.
  2. Drink favorite iced teas, coffees, soft drinks, and so on through a straw so the dark liquid passes by front teeth right to the back of the mouth.
  3. Buffer acidic foods (tomatoes, oranges, lemons, limes, pickles) by pairing them with hard cheeses, such as cheddar, milk or leafy green vegetables. They all aid in neutralizing acidic foods.
  4. Brush and floss after eating meals or snacks, or if this isn’t possible, rinse with water.
  5. Hydrate well as part of your daily routine. Drink at least eight glasses of water.
  6. Get six-month exams and hygienic cleanings with Dr. Marchese to eliminate plaque and tartar that hold stains.

Learn More

Contact Arbor Dental Care for a teeth whitening consultation. Learn if this popular cosmetic service is right for you and how you can keep a whitened smile bright indefinitely.

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